Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mothers Day Project

HI Everyone!!

Just wanted to post a little something I've been working on.  I first saw this on Pinterest and knew immediately that I had to make this.  I love taking pictures of my Kids and Family and knew this would be the perfect Mothers Day gift.  I was amazed at how easy they were to make!!!

First I purchased the terracotta pots at Walmart. Painted them white (two coats).  Let them dry and then I began adhering the pictures using Mod Podge.  That simple!!!!  I then brushed a thin coat on top of the pictures with the Mod Podge and let dry....  I printed out all the pictures in black and white in the wallet size.  It took approximately 16 pictures to cover the 8inch pots.  I then sprayed the pots with clear acrylic spray and that's all she wrote!!!!      PERFECT!!! I am soooooo pleased at how they turned out.  I hope all the Mothers in my life love them.......thanks for stopping by hope you like!!!
Now to figure out what to plant in them!!!!!  flowers or a plant?????